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Why Choose to Live in Westbrook, CT?

There are many beautiful areas of Connecticut to live in, but we’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Westbrook, CT. You can’t go wrong living anywhere in Coastal Connecticut, and choosing the right town is just as important as finding the perfect home. Nectar Unlimited and REALTOR® Matt Diamond are here for you and want to help you find your dream home in Westbrook, CT. This gem on the Connecticut shoreline is known for offering the perfect balance of nature and civilization. We invite you to learn more about what life in Westbrook might be like and then to contact us to tour our listings.

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All About Westbrook, CT

The beautiful town of Westbrook, CT was incorporated in 1840. There are about 7,000 residents here, so you certainly won’t be overcrowded and will have plenty of space to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Westbrook is bordered by Clinton, Essex, Deep River, and Old Saybrook. The town is home to Westbrook Public Schools, including Daisy Ingraham Elementary School and Westbrook High School. Westbrook is also home to the all-boys boarding school Oxford Academy. Westbrook has a station along the Shore Line East commuter line. Enjoy local dining at Café Routier, Turtle Café, Haywire Burger Bar, and more. You’ll love the coastal living in Westbrook, CT, so start exploring your options today.

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Let us Help You Find the Perfect Home in Westbrook

Westbrook might sound like a great place to live, but we recommend that you see it for yourself. Our crew of experienced real estate agents would be happy to show you around on a tour of the beautiful homes we have listed for sale in Coastal Connecticut. While you’re at it, we can also show you what we have available in Clinton, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, Essex, Deep River, Chester, Killington, New London, and East Lyme, CT. We’re happy to provide free advice when it comes to buying, selling, renting, or investing in real estate in Coastal Connecticut.

Get Free Real Estate Advice from an Old Saybrook Area Expert